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Your Kind of Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga have always been related. Some consider Ayurveda the healing side of Yoga.

If you wish to work with Yoga as part of your healing program, I will design a customized sequence of yoga exercises just for you, considering your strengths and challenges, time of your life and season of the year.

Though there are specific asanas that can balance each body type and potentially heal many conditions, some of the greatest benefits will come with how you approach your practice of yoga.

For example, if you have a lot of the air element in your current body-mind make-up, I will direct you to postures that support, and ground you. We will work to strengthen your lower back, compress the lower abdomen (releasing gas), and calm the nervous system. Slow, smooth, steady, nourish and restore are your key words.

f you have a lot of heat in your system, I will choose a routine that cools you, especially your head! A calming program works wonders in reducing the intensity that is often underneath heart, liver and blood conditions. Keep cool, calm, relaxed, and don’t compete with others or yourself.

For those of you that have a lot of water and earth in your makeup, we want to stimulate and heat up your body, as you tend to be slow and cold. A quicker pace, more effort and continued challenges will greatly help to balance you.

You will be pleased at how much a yoga practice can support and enhance your daily life when it is geared to YOU!!!

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