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Very Special Opportunity
to join in a

Short & Sweet
5 Day Detox

Please Note:
You may still join in for your Summer Cleanse, as all the materials and support you need will be available until mid-August.
In particular, our Private Forum is still very active, so don't hesitant to set your health on an upward spiral.

Get Back On Track with a Summer Cleansing!
using whole foods (no products or gimmicks)

Very Simple to follow!!

Lots included=
pre and post cleanse conference calls, recipes, shopping lists, guide to eating out during the cleanse, private FaceBook group, daily emails, group support...and much much more!!

Exceptional Price!

All the details are here.

Introducing MELT™
Do you want to slow down the aging process and live longer, live better and live pain-free?


 MELT is a revolutionary approach to longevity that will help you stay active, healthy and youthful for a lifetime.

It is based on new scientific research that has revealed the secret to living a pain-free life is having a balanced nervous system and having healthy, hydrated connective tissue.

When we don' isn't long before common aches and pains, headaches, indigestion, sleep difficulties and inflammation...creep up. After a while, what started as small nuisances, now develop into chronic health issues and accelerated aging, that leave us with few options such as surgery, pharmaceutical drugs and/or a sedentary lifestyle. Our life becomes limited and our world becomes smaller.

The MELT Method uses small balls and soft rollers in simple, easy-to-learn techniques. You will feel immediate results  and after a few sessions or classes you will see and feel improvements in your posture, mood, energy, digestion, flexibility and much more.


MELT roller


Try MELTing this year !!!


All MELT classes and workshops are
limited to 10-25 participants.
Please pre-register to reserve your space.
Drop-ins are welcome, if there is space.


Palm Beach Gardens
Hosted by Joy Vest's Karate Studio

Saturday August 4, 2018
1:00 to 4:00 PM
This is an Introduction to the MELT Method

We will be covering the basics as you get a taste of a variety of the techniques.

Using soft foam rollers and small MELT Balls to
re-align, re-hydrate and restore the range of movement
you will learn the difference
between negative & positive compression
and how to maintain stability in your body.

$50 = Early Bird Discount by August 1
or $60 after August 1

Space limited to 8-this will sell out!!

Hosted by
Joy Vest’s Karate Studio
15770 80th Drive North
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33418
To register: call: 630-544-8975 OR/

Learn to MELT
in New Smyrna Beach

 August 12, 2018
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
This is an Introduction to the MELT Method

We will be covering the basics as you get a taste of a variety of the techniques.

Using soft foam rollers and small MELT Balls to
re-align, re-hydrate and restore the range of movement
you will learn the difference
between negative & positive compression
and how to maintain stability in your body.

Mind, Body, Soul
821 Canal Street

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
(click on Classes to register)

$60 or/ Early Bird Discount: $50
if paid in full by August 9, 2018
Space limited to 14-this will sell out!!

The MELT Method returns to:

Kula Yoga of Jupiter

The MELT Method:  
Discover the Secrets of Pain Free Living
and Slow Down Your Aging Process

Sunday September 9, 2018
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

$60 per person
OR pay in advance for $50 by September 7.

Discover the underlying cause of chronic pain in the body and learn some simple techniques to create positive compression for long lasting pain relief.

Learn how properly hydrated connective tissue, also known as fascia, slows down your aging process.

Using soft foam rollers and small MELT Balls to

re-align, re-hydrate and restore the range of movement
you will learn the difference between negative & positive compression and how to maintain stability in your body.

MELT is a perfect complement to Yoga, experience how it will deepen your practice!!!
Everyone feels immediate results!

Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck & low back strain, improve alignment, and learn how to keep your whole body working better.

Read what Kula MELTers have to say:

"It is always a pleasure seeing you!  You have a special way of communicating MELT, that I relate to."

“I felt great after the immersion…slept well, had no aches or pains this morning!! I can see how MELT could allow for shifts of long held patterns and overall positive changes in one's life.”

“To sum it up, the workshop was fabulous!!!”

"I had no pain in my feet and ankles today!! I took them out for a test drive around the cul-de-sac, and still no pain. Wonderful!!!!"

“You are an amazing teacher: providing a level of mastery in the manner in which you convey the material and the effortless means by which you guide students through the process.”

Kula Yoga Shala
400 Toney Penna Drive, Ste F
Jupiter, FL 33458

MELT with Me in Stuart, Florida
An Introduction to the MELT Method:
with a focus on Core Stability

 Are you ready for Freedom From Back Pain?


Saturday September 15, 2018
1:00- 4:00 PM

$50 if paid by September 13, after that $60

YogaFish MELT workshops sell out!!!

This is an Introduction to the MELT Method suitable for anyone new to MELT, as well as those of you who have MELTed before and want to review the basic techniques and moves and learn more about how MELT works to restore balance throughout the body.

We will be focusing on stabilizing the Core and how MELT can be a part of your strategy to be free of back pain. From this workshop you will gain knowledge about the underlying causes of chronic aches and pains and how MELT can help to reverse that dynamic.

Experience what it feels like to apply positive compression to your whole body for long lasting pain relief, vitality and longevity.

 What YogaFish MELTers are saying:

" I slept great and for the first time in a week did not wake with a headache!"

"When I left and got in my car, it was the first time in years I did not have sciatic pain."

"Your easy going manner, clear cues and explanations of the method made it easy to follow."

"The first thing I noticed when I got in my car was that I had to raise my rearview mirror, it was too low. WOW!"

Yoga Fish
569 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, Florida 34994

  • St. Augustine MELT 
    at Discovery Yoga

    MELT for Yoga

    Saturday September 27
    1:00 to 4:00 PM

    Improve Your Yoga Practice
    or support your ability to begin a practice

     Using the most basic yoga postures as additional assessments, you will learn the basic MELT moves and then see how they positively affect your yoga practice, when we go to re-assess.

    • This is most definitely a MELT workshop, and does not require previous yoga experience.

      All forms of repetitive stress, including a regular yoga practice, dehydrate the connective tissue and create the potential for misaligned movement, which leads to dysfunctional patterns and will eventually limit our mobility and create pain.

      In this workshop you will learn simple techniques to deepen your yoga practice, OR support your ability to begin a yoga practice, if you have found that challenging.

      Here is what past MELT into Yoga with Amba workshop participants have experienced:

    " I loved how you demonstrated the connection between MELT and Yoga and Meditation. I really felt that I slipped more easily into the postures, especially forward bend, cat/cow and seated twist."

    "This was an eye opener for me, realizing how much I try to push myself into the yoga poses. This has already changed my practice."

    We will cover a lot of moves, so please come well hydrated.

    or $50
     pay by September 20, 2018
    Space is limited to 14 people!


    You will receive a handout of some of the techniques we do during each workshop, to practice at home.

     Some words from past 
    Discovery Yoga MELT workshop participants:

    "I enjoyed the MELT workshop very much and felt exceptionally relaxed and mellow afterwards..."

    "I am continuing to MELT just a little each day and I notice changes in my body, my posture, and a smoother gait."


    Discovery Yoga
    3 Davis Street
    St. Augustine, Florida 32084
St. Augustine MELT 
at Discovery Yoga

     Weekly Group Class Series

Please check back often for updates to schedule


If you are interested in "hosting" a workshop or class series,
please contact me.


Occupy Your Body!!!

Reconnect, Rebalance and Get out of Pain!!!


 Weekly Classes at Living Yoga

Tuesdays 6:00 to 7:15 PM

Please Note:
NO class on August 21 or 28

Super Summer Special Pricing is here!!

for June, July, August,
and September 2018!!!

will include:

Hand, Foot, Upper Body & Lower Body Techniques from the MELT Method Book 
as well as Intermediate Techniques not in the book,
and NeuroStrength & NeuroCore Moves.

AND an expanded
deep relaxation at the end of class,
where "the healing happens."
Create a partnership with your body as you learn how to get out of pain and release stuck stress.

You may drop in for $17.
Summer Price is only $15!!

10 class package $150 (good for 1 year!!!)
Summer 10 class package good thru December
is only $130!!

AND very special 5 class card is only $60=
good for June, July, August and September

Living Yoga Studio
333 17th Street Suite 2F
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
772-589-5085  •
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