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"Why should I MELT?", you ask.

In a nutshell: STRESS!!!

Or the side effects of stress, to be more precise.

I've described the assault of our bodies and the bombardment of the Nervous System on the Why Detox? page. 

And now let me add to that, based on my advanced studies in the MELT Method.

Its become increasingly clear to me, both through my years of clinical practice and my own healing journey, that as long as stress is stuck in us and we  have inflammation on a cellular level, our bodies and minds can not fully dip down into the space where true healing can happen.

Just by living your life, tension gets trapped in your body. Stress gets stuck in your connective tissue. And thus begins a degenerative process of dehydration and cellular damage.

For the nervous system to do its job of modulating stress and sending and receiving all the daily communications needed for you to have a healthy, happy, purposeful, productive, efficient and pain-free needs to have a well hydrated river-like system of  connective tissue, also known as fascia.

From the MELT point of view, stress can accumulate from just sitting at your desk with or without your hand lightly positioned on the mouse for hours at a time. Just this can create a repetitive stress pattern that dehydrates the connective tissue in both your lower and upper body.

This dehydrated connective tissue traps stress and tension and decreases nervous system communication.

Even "healthy" exercise routines, like walking, running, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, golf, and tennis dry out your connective tissue.

Like everyone, do you usually ignore the early signs that begin with aches and stiffness and file them away as nuisances?

Digestive problems usually creep in, "but doesn’t everyone have some of these issues, look at all the ads on TV for laxatives and loose bowels ? ", you rationalize. So these must be normal.

Eventually, this dehydration causes even more body pain such as neck and lower back pain. Also headaches, insomnia, joint ache, toxicity, inflammation, poor posture, wrinkles, cellulite, muscle misuse, poor concentration and memory issues and on and on…

Occasional problems become chronic health issues and you are left with the limited options of pharmaceutical drugs, surgery or a sedentary lifestyle.

However, when the connective tissue is hydrated and free of roadblocks, your body and mind functions at a more optimal level.

Enter MELT.

Using simple props and easy to learn techniques, MELT can help to re-hydrate the vast river of connective tissue within you and keep your nervous system in a state of balance.

You won't believe how simple it is to erase the effects of aging and living life!

You will feel something the very first time that you MELT!!

MELT with me!!

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