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Who needs MELT?


Is this YOU?


You work at a desk

You work at a computer

You drive in a car

You sit in a car

You sit while eating

You sit to watch TV

 You work sitting down

You work standing up

You exercise

You play golf

You play tennis

You play baseball

You lift weights

You do yoga

You do pilates

You take spinning classes

You run

You walk

You knit

You are a massage therapist

You are a hairdresser

You are in your 20's or 30's and are healthy, fit and toned and want to stay that way

You are in your 40's and 50's and want to stay active and mobile

You are in your 60's and 70's and some physical limitations are creeping in

You are pregnant now

You just gave birth

You've given birth years ago

You have an injury

You are post-surgery

You are out of shape

You have limited mobility

You have a few balance issues

You have a few nuisance aches and pains

You have chronic pain

You have had a hip or knee replacement

You have foot pain

You have had a hip or knee replacement

You have fibromyalgia

You have arthritis

You have MS

You have insomnia

You have colitis

You have constipation

You are overweight

You have low back pain

You have shoulder tension

You have neck pain

You have carpal tunnel syndrome

You have plantar fascitis

You have bunions

You have poor posture

You have good posture

You get worried, anxious or upset

You have wrinkles

You have cellulite

You have nothing that hurts


Get the picture?

MELT is for everyone!!!


MELT with me




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