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What is MELT?

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"What is MELT?",  I know you are asking.

"And what does it have to do with Ayurveda?"

If you know me at all, you know that I wasn't looking for another modality.

MELT discovered me, so to speak. I was so calm after my first class, as if I had just had hours of bodywork. As I experienced it more and felt it in my own body I noticed my aches and pains going away, my posture improving, and an inner feeling of calmness and well being was accumulating. I was hooked.

It was soon after that I started thinking of all of you and how I could incorporate MELT into my Ayurvedic protocols and I knew I had to get certified.

MELT is based on new cutting-edge scientific discoveries about the body and what is needed to empower each of us to take charge of our own aging process and live longer without bodily pain and the common signs of aging.

M.E.L.T. stands for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique.

The MELT Method works with the Neurofascial System: the nervous system and the fascia system, also known as connective tissue.

Though it is not a muscular skeletal modality, we do use  muscles to lengthen and hydrate the connective tissue and quiet down the tremendous stress reflex that we live with day-to-day.

This stress of daily life;the toxicity in our food, water and air; the amount of water we drink; the way we sit and stand and exercise; the quality of our sleep; pregnancies; injuries; and just plain aging.... all contribute to the dehydration of our connective tissue-the largest system in our body.

The tension of day to day life gets  trapped and dries out our connective tissue, inhibitiing the vast amount of communication needed to support, protect and stabilize us.

This pattern of stuck stress, dehydrated connective tissue and inhibited neural communication is the underlying cause of inflammation, poor digestion, sleep disorders, those chronic aches and pains and eventually a whole host of more serious diseases.

MELT is a  missing link.

And though its not a cure-all, it is a piece of the puzzle.....
...because we're discovering that just eating well and exercising is not enough to keep us healthy and aging gracefully.

We also need to quiet the nervous system on a daily basis and keep our fluid body; our connective tissue, well hydrated.

MELT is a simple self-care technique, using small balls and soft foam rollers that can release the stress that gets stuck in our bodies and induce a fluid exchange in the connective tissue.

MELT is the only self-treatment technique that directly addresses these 2 systems.

By working with the MELT Method we are able to make deep, subtle, lasting changes in the way our bodies coordinate movement, balance, grounding and stability.

A stable body is a relaxed body.

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayurvedic Body & Energy Worker, I am particularly interested in treatments and practices that allow my clients to calm down their stress reflex long enough to access their own innate healing response.

Thank You Sue Hitzman, the creator of MELT, for developing a simple self-care technique based on complex scientific research that can be done in a few minutes a day and contribute so greatly to our quality of life and longevity.

MELT with me.

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