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 Ayurveda Success Stories
 "One of Amba's great talents is taking this 5,000 year old philosophy of harmonious living and making it work in today's world for each individual. As a school teacher, I face considerable constraints about how my day flows. Looking at my unique school schedule, Amba was able to find a way to incorporate Ayurveda in my day-to-day routine at schoool and at home that worked for me without creating additional stress.
What's also been excellent is having Amba periodically refine my approach when the season's change so that I can get better results.
Finally, Amba is a fun, pragmatic and caring person who takes good care of you and fills you with optimism for your own success."
A. Z./ School Teacher

"I have been interested in ayurveda for many years, but until I  started consulting with Amba for guidance on how to apply ayurvedic principles to my day-to-day routine, food choices, and exercise, I had no idea how to bridge the distance between this ancient wisdom and 21st century living. Gradually Amba has helped me to become more aware and mindful of an assortment of tools and practices for living in a healthy, balanced, and accessible way that make me feel great!
S. S./ Museum of Art Youth Program Director
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