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"Amba Greene has been a tremendous gift to me.  I had started working with Amba  last year and experienced increased vitality, stabilized blood sugar and an overall sense of well being.  Then, after I discovered I had breast cancer and needed to have a mastectomy, Amba was right there, guiding me in the most helpful and effective ways.  I now feel very, very well and am extremely grateful for Amba's constant guidance, availability and understanding.  I can't say thank you enough and I recommend Amba to everyone I know and care about."
G.M./ V.P.  Human Resources & Administration
"I have received two amazing gifts after working with Amba the past two years:my health has regained the natural balance I remember from my youth, and I'm enjoying life again.
For fifteen years I struggled with headaches that came from an inability to digest food. I saw my weight drop to 103 pounds and my energy became depleted. I gave up my teaching job, then tutoring, then all work. I felt myself spiraling downward and didn't know how to stop the fall.
Amba helped me determine my particular Ayruvedic constitution and then developed for me a daily routine to nurture my body, mind and spirit.  She advised me on the best foods for me to eat, the time of day that was easiest for me to digest them and simple recipes to prepare them.  My Ayurvedic constitution also indicated the kinds of exercise that were best suited for me and the frequency to do them.  Finally, Amba recommended journaling and meditation to gain insight into the feelings that caused me to always put myself last. 
Slowly and steadily Amba and I have worked to bring my life into balance. Amba guided me to see that healing is always here, within me.  It has been months since I've had a headache. I'm finally able to just enjoy the moment.              Thank you Amba!"
S. H./ Teacher  

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