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My Kind of Detox

This is where I get to share my approach to cleansing.

Did you notice I said cleansing rather than detoxing?

I've only recently started to use the word "detox" .....because its the buzzword that everyone knows and responds to and I'm still sorting through this compromise with myself....

It has such a harsh sound to it.

Kind of like a military operation: "search and destroy".

OR a heavy duty legal action like "cease and desist".

Do you want to create a War with your Body?

Or file a Law Suit with your Mind?


I've described the assault of our bodies and the bombardment of the Nervous System on the Why Detox? page.  (ooops...there's that military vocabulary again.)

And what happens next is that our minds become disconnected from our bodies. Refering to this syndrome, one of my teachers says, "we have become a culture of 'talking heads' ".

I find this totally hilarious: the image of a bunch of  heads floating around in space chattering nonstop...

In this state of extreme disconnect, we become addicted to craving more and more stimulation and energy as we try to feel more and more and attempt to lessen the disconnect.

Get the picture? We eat things with extreme tastes that are super high in salt, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, hot pungent spices, fats, fried foods.....AND yet we still feel that nothing we eat satisfies us...

Whether or not we can even digest any of this is completely ignored.

We practice extreme forms of exercise and pound our bodies to exhaustion.

And when did the work week become 50 hours and even more?

We stay plugged in to every form of media to all hours of the night.  I'm told there are now special laptop tables made expressly for plopping on beds.


My Kind of Cleanse

Everyday we hear about celebrities flocking to extreme, whacky, punishing detoxes.

But these detoxes are very stress provoking and only add to our already strained life styles....and the cartheses that are frequently reported are the result of over-exciting our nervous systems even more!!!

True healing can not take place in this environment.

The special work that I do with clients is all about disarming the nervous system. Its only when our body and mind are calm that deep healing and great growth can take place.

And so, my kind of cleanse is a simple, gentle, reduction program that lightens the load on your body and miind.

It can be done during your usual week and while working your regular job, though I prefer that you alter your normal routine to include more  opportunities for rest.

My kind of cleanse is ultimately about Nourishment, not deprivation.


It is not a boot camp.

Its about creating Peace, not War.

Its about Self-Care; Self-Kindness and Self-Love.

During my kind of cleanse we cultivate nurturing qualities to take root in our life:

  • lightness
  • clarity
  • calmness
  • evenness
  • spaciousness
  • subtlety
  • non-reactiveness
  • freedom
    Now our bodies feel safe enough to let go of toxins.

   Now we can let go of what is keeping us stuck.

There, I've made my case.
   (Argh..another legal reference, please forgive...)


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