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My Approach

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Using ancient wisdom and modern modalities, I teach self-care and longevity solutions to women who want to change the way they age, wake up to their full potential and THRIVE!!!

Ayurveda and Functional Nutrition
Comprehensive Wellness Consultation
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In my consultations, I combine both ancient and modern approaches for your greatest benefit.

My foundational framework is steeped in the ancient science of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation-- which I have been immersed in for over 40 years.

Yet, as the unfoldment of life takes us to unexpected places-- my own healing journey, my experience in supporting critical care for some loved ones, and my ever inquisitive mind have led me to another holistic science, a very modern one: Functional Medicine.

I have been immersed in studies for the last 5 years and now have an advanced certificate in Functional Nutrition as a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner from the highly regarded Andrea Nakayama and the Functional Nutrition Lab.

East Meets West

I am continually amazed how the functional approach embraces a truly holistic perspective, much like Ayurveda, and offers a paradigm shift for contemporary medicine to understand the root causes of modern chronic diseases. 

With the cutting edge discoveries about our unique genetic makeups and how they are influenced by our lifestyle, environment and diet-- my functional lens offers many practical tools to change the messages that our genes receive and how to influence their optimal expression.

The same is true for the daily discoveries about our microbial makeup. Do you know that only 10% of our cells are human? The rest are bacterial and they are  influencing our health in remarkable ways that demand our attention.

And like Ayurveda, a functional perspective teaches about bioindividuality; how no two people have the identical form of any disease, and so a personalized program is essential for healing.

Rolling Up My Sleeves
This is where I come in.

I pour myself into your personal history, genetic predispositions, early childhood events, major life episodes, what you eat, how you sleep, your current signs and symptoms, your standard labs (if available) and your goals and deepest desires.

"No only did you spend so much time getting to know me, but your level of listening opened the door for me to listen to myself and get to know myself in unexpected ways."
I am both a detective and an educator, wanting you to understand what is going on inside of you and explaining the science of how to change from a place of imbalance and ill health to a place of balance and thrive.

As partners, we will create a practical, sustainable plan of action for you that is also flexible and takes into account your lifestyle and comfort zone. 

With my knowledge of foods and how they affect the body, I will tailor a personal diet for you. Understanding the  status and function of your digestive system are fundamental to get to the root of your digestive issues, which both Ayurveda and Functional Nutrition agree upon, is the place where imbalanced health begins.

There is so much to explore in how you eat to meet your unique health needs!!

From my huge toolbox, I am able to choose supportive practices to reinforce your efforts: massage, body work, essential oils, breath work, relaxation, MELT, exercise and more.
We are all guilty of jumping from one thing to the next when we hear about new ideas from friends or on the internet. During our time together we will use a systematic approach for choosing strategies, based on the science of what is going on inside of you and how you interface with everything outside of you.

"All the information that is out there became very confusing. You have helped me to sort out my priorities and pay attention to what my body is trying to tell me. This in and of itself, has been so stress relieving."

The Art and Science of My Practice

Working with the Ayurvedic and Functional systems, is as much of an Art as a Science.

My extensive trainings in yoga, meditation, breath, sound, energy work, The MELT Method, Functional Nutrition and my decades of study with spiritual teachers- make me uniquely qualified to dance with you in the lively and ever changing space of your health.
Creative thinking; clear perceptions; the ability to listen deeply and connect; intuition and the gift to find the missing piece of the puzzle at the right time are all part of my recipe for your success. 
"It was lovely meeting you last week. I really enjoyed learning from you. I particularly appreciate that you have really done your inner work, it really shines through and it is an inspiration to me."

Who Knows Your Body Better than YOU!!
I believe in honoring the dynamic nature that is who you are and encourage you to become an active participant in your ever changing journey, so that you may fullfil your greatest potential.
And be forewarned: I believe that we are fluid  beings, not static, and so our needs are always changing.

Let the Dance Begin!!!!

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