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Therapeutic Body Treatments


Touch therapy is an important part of Ayurveda.

 These treatments were designed thousands of years ago to purify and revitalize the body, calm the mind, soothe the senses and, most importantly, to awaken the body's own natural healing system.


 Please inquire about special prices on a series of treatments and also on special combinations of individual treatments that can be customized
for your unique situation.




Traditional Full Body Oil Massage (Abhyanga)

The classic Ayurveda full body massage, using warm oils, infused with herbs that have been chosen just for you. The oils nourish the skin and mobilize the deeper tissues. Only the highest quality herbalized oils imported from India are used for this treatment.

During the massage, marma points (secret energy points) are activated to freshen and revitalize the body. You will leave feeling energized, relaxed and deeply nourished.

This is our most popular treatment. Discover why it is most often combined with the Swedana-individual steam bath!!!!


$ 85   ( 1 1/4 hours with special oils imported from India)

$ 120  (1 3/4 hours with special oils imported from India) 


$ 135 (2 hours in combination with Swedana).

$150 (2 hours in combination with Marma Therapy).



  Individual Herbal Steam Bath(Swedana)

Experience an individual herbalized steam bath designed to open up the channels of the body and support the detoxification of the lymphatic system.

During the treatment your head and vital organs are kept cool while the body warms up- allowing for a deep calmness and a remarkable letting go of mental, emotional and physical impurities.

You will get to relax for a few minutes following the steam. Our clients say this treatment is more relaxing than a massage!!!

$60 (1 hour)

$ 75 (1 1/4 hours) Add special organic healing clays to your steam treatment for a deeply therapeutic experience. Choose from: detoxifying clay, weight loss & cellulite reduction clay, or joint & muscle pain clay. 


$ 135 (2 hours in combination with Abhyanga).

Marma Therapy Treatment:
for Physical and Energetic Balance

Marmas are points on the surface of the skin where our consciousness, like a babbling brook, has bubbled up and intersected with our body. Or you could say where Spirit intersects with Matter.

When appropriately pressed, Marma Points act like Pranic switches and can stimulate, cool down or redirect the flow of Prana (the vital energy of life).

Marma Therapy is brilliant at clearing energetic and physical blocks.

 $ 75  (1 hour)

$150 (2 hours in combination with Abhyanga).


Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation:
A Full Body Relaxation

Natural cleansers are used to prepare the face and then fine customized aromatic oils and special colloidal mineral water is applied for refreshing hydration and enhanced effectiveness.

Next, a series of polarity balancing movements that are very gentle to the touch for comfort and relaxation.

Then, a sequence of vital energy points, known as marmas, are activated on the face, head, neck, shoulders and chest. Marmas are like underground babbling brooks that have bubbled up to the surface of our skin. They allow us access to the more subtle aspects of ourselves where deep healing can be affected.

Understanding that beauty is a reflection of inner balance, this treatment works with the whole body from head to toe. Your complexion will glow, skin tone and elasticity will be improved, facial tension will melt away, stiffness throughout the body will be relieved, and you will feel re-energized.

Simply Amazing!!!

$80 (1 1/4 hours)

  Localized Herbal Steam Therapy
(Nadi Swedana)

A stream of herbal steam is applied to those areas of greatest stress and tension, making it easier for oils and herbs to penetrate the tight areas, opening up the tiniest channels in the skin and allow your body to relax and let go.

Nadi Swedana reduces pain and stiffness in the body, helping to maintain a youthful posture and increase flexibility. In addition it stimulates the tissues, allowing toxins to move freely.  As a result the body feels lighter, fresher and more at ease.

This treatment is very gentle and achieves many of the benefits of deep tissue massage without applying any deep pressure.


$55  (45 minutes) begins with a massage of the area being addressed with additional attention to appropriate marma points.




Ayurvedic Sinus Relief

A face, neck and scalp massage is followed by deep inhalation of aromatic steam and then, herbalized nose drops to clear the sinus passages.

This ancient treatment helps clear impurities from the head area, reducing sinus congestion, allergies and chronic neck, shoulder and jaw tension. This is a great treatment for those of us (probably all of us) who are bombarded with environmental pollutants, and excessive sensory stimulation.


$ 60 (1 hour)

$150 for a series of 3 treatments over a period of 7-10 days for stubborn, chronic sinus conditions.



Rejuvenating Eye Care
(Netra Basti)

The eyes are bathed in warm clarified butter (ghee) which relieves the tensions trapped in and around the eyes and their sockets.

A simple, yet deep acting treatment, Netra Basti, eases stress lines and puffiness from around the eyes, relieves redness, irritation, dryness and general strain from the eyes, brings back the eyes' natural luster, enhances depth and color perception, strengthens the eye muscles and improves vision.

It promotes a deep calm and contentment by nourishing not only the eyes, but the entire nervous system.

 Each session begins with a facial massage. While your eyes are bathing, you receive a foot massage.

$110 for 2 sessions, 45 minutes each, done on 2 consecutive days

OR $100 for both eyes on the same day with the agreement that you do not drive after the treatment and have someone pick you up.

Oil Treatment for Back Disorders
(Kati Basti)

A special dam is built to hold the medicated oils which penetrate and nourish the root of the musculoskeletal problems at their deepest level.

Three different oils specific to your condition are applied in layers and allowed to soak in through the skin. The oils are reheated during the treatment. The warm oil fortifies the blood, builds strong muscles and connective tissue, and lubricates the joints.

This treatment is famous for addressing back pain, sciatica, degenerative spine changes, compressed discs, and all types of pain, strain and tension of the hips, upper and lower back and along the spine. Very effective for long term chronic conditions.

$75 (1 hour) includes a head, scalp and shoulder massage while the oils are treating the back.

What a Difference a Day Makes-
A Petit Retreat!!

Let me design a flowing 5 hour program....based on just what you need to turn your life in a different direction. There will be at least 4 treatment modalities. And a simple lunch. And the opportuniity to relax in the serene and safe setting of our center. Experience  Deep Healing with a Personal Touch!!!

Price based on Custom Design    $375 - $500




Our Most Popular Treatment Combinations


Abhyanga and Swedana

Full Body Oil Massage followed by Individual Steam Bath

2 hours
Full Retail Price, if separate $145
Special Combo Price $135  

Marma and Abhyanga

Energetic Balancing Treatment followed by Full Body Oil Massage

2 1/4  hours
Full Retail Price, if separate $160
Special Combo Price $150


 Abhyanga and Kati Basti (Created by a client!!)

Full Body Oil Massage followed by Therapeutic Back Treatment

2 hours
Full Retail Price, if separate $160
Special Combo Price $150




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