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Meditate- for a Change

Meditation is the stilling of the mind. To be still and silent sounds very simple, but it is difficult for us because we, as human beings, are complex and we live in a fast-paced, over stimulated culture.

Our minds and our bodies are restless. Meditation is one of the best ways to give your mind a break.

Even though meditation is not exclusive and any person of any faith can learn, it does take time and practice and is best learned from an experienced teacher who can guide you and help you focus and concentrate with specific techniques.

One of the most natural approaches is to focus on the natural rhythm of your breathing. By concentrating on the inflow and outflow of your breath you will establish a continuous thread that you can follow through the meandering maze of your mind. Your breath can lead you to the center of quiet within you.

Other methods that can help you quiet your thoughts are repeating a word or sound, visualization techniques, counting your breaths and focusing on a part of your body.

By meditating we can refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind, dissolve fatigue and stress, increase positive emotions and immunity, assist in reducing many physical imbalances such as anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol, muscular tension, and so much more. But the most important part of meditating is the awareness and experience of the deep silence within and the truth of our inner nature.
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