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A Recent Client Cleanse Breakthrough

“I did really well this time. My back stopped hurting right away and my joint pain was better in just a few days!!!

Definitely my hardest cleanse but also the most remarkable.

Finally after all these times, I took your suggestions: cut back my schedule, set aside time for rest, meditation, oil massage and evening baths.

And on day three I had an “aha” moment.

It was obvious why cleansing is so important. I guess you would say I had an emotional and physical clearing.

My relationship with food was front and center.  I’ve eaten simply like this on the other cleanses I’ve done with you, but this time there was a feeling of “no escape”.

Just like you say in the instructions about emotions coming up to the surface. I was confronted with my addiction to food and the way I use food to cover up all sorts of feelings.

I saw my patterns of avoidance and escape and how I choose to go numb.

I saw it all. It was perfectly clear, obvious and pretty tough to face.

A lot of anger was triggered; a scary amount of anger.

The clarity was fascinating to experience. And there was so much of that space that you always talk about.

Thank heavens for a moment of calmness where I could sit back and witness it all. A great moment, let me tell you.

I feel so positive and so excited.

Something huge is happening.
This feels like a major breakthrough for me and one I've been looking for.

I can’t wait to continue the process.

I am so happy.

When can we meet? I’ve gotta keep this going…”


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