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Answers To Change-of-Season Cleanse Questions


  • I know there are lots of different cleanses out there. Every day we hear of celebrities doing whacky, extreme detoxes.

        This is not one of them!!


  • As a matter of fact, I go out of my way to make sure that this will not be just another stressful or aggravating event in your already stressed out life.

    The special work that I do with clients is all about calming down the Nervous System so that great healing and growth can take place


  • Though this is not a weight loss program, I have never known a person who doesn’t drop some bloat and a pound or 2 or more! Ayurveda believes that excess weight is the body storing toxins in our fat cells. Give your body an opportunity to let go….

  • You will be able to go about your normal  routine including working a 9-5 job...but you may feel a little “off” or a little tired or a little bloated or a little headachy. It is unlikely to feel all of the above. Please try to reschedule as many activities as you can. If your body asks, you want to be able to go to bed early on some nights or just do nothing.

  • The main concept? Take increasing amounts of ghee (clarified butter) when you first wake up. And then no other fats for the rest of the day. On day 5 you will take a purgative substance to flush out the impurities which have been mobilized.

  • You will have plenty to eat...this is not a calorie restricted type of fast. I want you to eat 3 meals a day. Lots of veggies, fruit, grains and beans. For 5 days you will not have any fats, oils, nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, chicken, red meat. Trust me, you will not be hungry. I have lots of suggestions and recipes for you.

  • On day 5 of the cleanse please plan on no work or social obligations. During our consult, I will help you choose which day is best for your “purge” day and we will count backwards to day 1 and this will be your starting day.

  • I have been leading cleanses for over 10 years. I’ve personally guided hundreds of  clients (some of them for all 10 years) into greater balance. It will be my pleasure to act as your guide on this journey as you gain increased energy, clarity, flexibility, purpose and passion for your life.


    No guarantees, of course-but the opportunity is certainly there based on this exquisite ancient wisdom...






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