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About Ayurvedic Massage & Body Treatments

Ayurvedic Massage
& Body Treatments:
Treatments that Relax, Rejuvenate and Inspire

Massage in Ayurveda, feeds the body through touch and the introduction of herbal infused oils that nourish the skin while healing and rejuvenating the inner tissues.

As in all things Ayurveda, the same massage is not right for everyone. Some of us need deep pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system and others need a gentle touch that calms the nervous system.

Based on the individual's health issues, time of the year, time of life and general constitutional makeup- different oils are chosen for appropriate therapy and healing. Some of us need oils with warming herbs and others will break out with skin rashes if these same oils are used on them. To remedy this, Ayurveda suggests using cooling oils for people with a lot of heat in their system.

The oils are prepared as medicine to be absorbed through the skin, the largest organ of the body, directly into the bloodstream. From the blood, all the tissues are nourished by the herbs that are carried in the oils. Authentic Ayurvedic oils are cooked for many days and weeks and can initiate powerful healing responses for what ails us.

In addition to the more typical full body massage, Ayurveda has a treasure chest of body treatments to choose from. They were designed many thousands of years ago to enhance our ability to harmonize our bodies with our minds and to ignite the natural healing system that lies dormant within each of us.

The most famous of these is the pouring of oil as a steady stream in the center of the forehead, known as shirodhara. This stimulates the brain to have a more coherent pattern and is greatly beneficial for stress, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, memory and concentration.

For more treatments and descriptions, please explore the menu of Ayurvedic Massage and Body Treatments.

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