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Simple Self-Care and Longevity Solutions to Evolve Your Health and Move From Imbalance to THRIVE!!!


Amba Greene has been exploring and teaching holistic health and nutrition for over 35 years. By focusing on the whole person, she brings the timeless wisdom of the East and translates it into practical application for our modern society of the West.  Read more


Often referred to as the healing side of Yoga, this 5,000 year-old holistic healing art can help you restore balance and reestablish wellness in your life through small, simple changes with long-lasting results. Read more


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Cutting-edge science reveals that having a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue are the key to living a long, active and pain-free life. Learn simple self-care techniques in a personal session or a group class. Everyone feels immediate results!!! Read more


Ayurvedic Massage  and Body Treatments nourish the skin; heal and rejuvenate the inner tissues and disarm the nervous system for a profound awakening of your inner healing response. Learn how to let go of the stresses of modern life and gain access to deeper parts of your naturally peaceful self. Read more


Ayurveda believes that "toxins" from undigested food and  modern life build up in the body and mind and need to be gently escorted out the door. Regular cleansing resets our energy and strengthens our life force. Start Now. Be proactive and Stay Well! Read More


Most people are over worked, over whelmed and under nourished. What we eat has a profound effect on our body, which only wants to heal, if given the right ingredients. Disease is traceable to what, when and how we eat. Discover how food and actions are the key to healing. Read more


Ancient wisdom to strengthen your body, expand your awareness and dissolve the stress and toxic effects of modern life, Yoga is known as the spiritual sister to Ayurveda. For the past 20 years it has been gaining popularity and is now a house-hold word. Learn how yoga can stretch many aspects of your life. Read more

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Known as the essence of life; or the universal elixir-it is widely known that drinking enough water is essential to our health and our well-being. However, the quality of our water often gets overlooked and an awareness of pure water and its sources is vital. Read more

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